John Kaisner The Natural Farmer – Who We Are


Jagannath K - The Natural Farmer

John Kaisner is an American-born Natural Farmer and Permaculture Designer/Teacher. Although he began his career in the U.S., he has now lived and worked as an Architect and Permaculturist, outside of the U.S. and its Territories, for more than 12 years. He speaks English, French and Italian.

After working for 4 years as a volunteer throughout India, John and his wife purchased land in the Mediterranean climate of Sicily. It is here that they intend to raise a family, near his wife’s native village of Salice. This land is currently being transformed into their Permaculture Training/Demonstration Site. The aim of this site is to combine Permaculture and Natural Farming in ways that don’t yet exist on the planet – for the benefit of all.

John strongly believes in the 3rd Ethic of Permaculture: Return of Surplus, which is why he curates two separate YouTube channels – John Kaisner The Natural Farmer, and John Kaisner Permaculture. Each of these channels provides free content to viewers interested in broadening their understanding of sustainable farming practices. John believes that donating his time in this way is one of the most effective ways he can show appreciation for all of the blessings in his life. The viewer-based community which has sprung up around these channels is truly inspirational. The members pool information in a way which is far superior to anything that one single teacher could hope to provide. It is, to use a well-known Permaculture phrase, the “edge effect” in action – across communities, across race and religion, across the globe.

The Site on Sicily is in its initial stages. They have completed most of the site’s Earthworks, and have now planted a Food Forest containing more than 70 fruit and nut trees, support species, roots, ground cover, bushes, vines, etc. As Permaculture design is not currently followed in the area where they live, a Food Forest such as this can prove an effective tool in teaching Nature’s design principles. Most farmers are wary to change. The profession is fraught with misunderstanding. However, a well-executed demonstration site, such as this, can have a lasting impact on its visitors – young and old.

Many subscribers have expressed interest in Permaculture Courses, as well as Work-Stay opportunities on the land in Sicily. Stay tuned here for details regarding these and other opportunities to come….