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Jagannath K - The Natural Farmer

Jagannath K – The Natural Farmer

Jagannath K – The Natural Farmer is an American-born Natural Farmer and Permaculture Designer/Teacher, based in Cartesiano, about 30 minutes northwest of Messina, Sicily in Italy.

After working for 4 years in the wet Tropics of Kerala, India – designing and developing a model farm, making food forests, and aiding struggling villagers harvest rainwater with earthworks – Jagannath and his wife purchased land in the Mediterranean climate of Sicily, where they are currently creating a Center for Permaculture, with an emphasis on Natural Farming.

Jagannath believes strongly in the 3rd Ethic of Permaculture: Return of Surplus, which is why he curates two YouTube channels – Jagannath K The Natural Farmer, and Jagannath K Permaculture. Each of these channels provides free content to viewers interested in broadening their understanding of sustainable farming practices. Jagannath believes that donating his time in this way is one of the most effective ways he can show appreciation for all the blessings that have come to him and his wife. In addition, the viewer-based community that’s grown up around these channels is truly inspirational. Together, this community pools its information in a way that is far superior to anything that one single teacher could provide. It’s the “edge effect” in action, across communities, across race and religion, across the globe. Come by sometime and watch a video 🙂

At present the Sicily center is in its initial stages, but soon Jagannath and his wife will begin to hold Permaculture Design Courses as well as Internships and work stays for those interested. Stay tuned here for more information…